Joto Ipad min 4 cases & tablets reviews

This case fits all tablets up to 8 inches diagonally, which means it fits snugly with your 7.9-inch iPad mini. Slide your iPad on top, close the lid and secure it in place so that your iPad mini 4 completely water (as deep as 98 feet), snow and dirt is protected.

This case is available in black, white or blue.
The JOTO option is not as much as a bag. Your iPad mini 4 slides comfortably and seals it like a Ziploc bag. Some people may not think it’s the safest way to waterproof your iPad, but it works surprisingly well.Although it is technically a bag, there is a case of durable plastic JOTO, which even has a holder so that it is useless to maintain the device,

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while its tactile functionality is perfectly used by the transparent front .If you are looking for a waterproof case for your iPad mini 4, we recommend the old Lifeproof NUUD or Catalyst cases. However, if you do not have to pay at least $ 90, the MoKo Universal Tablet Case is a great alternative.


MoKo suggests that you test your apple ipad mini 4 case with tissues or a paper towel and soak it in a sink filled with water for two to three hours. This way, you can be absolutely sure that you have locked the lid properly.

The screen of your iPad is covered with a thin film that offers tactile sensitivity and absolute clarity. There are clear spots on the back to help you capture images or videos safely without worrying about water damage. It even has a strap at the back to make sure you never lose grip.