Drad cloud pattern Strategies & indicators mt4

The dark cloud layer is the downside of the piercing pattern. The first day of the motif is a long white candle at the top of a trend. The second opening day is greater than the maximum of the previous day. It closes at least half of the candle of the day before, the lower the white candle, the more the investment is convincing. Keep in mind that closing at or below the opening of the previous day turns this pattern into a down bearish pattern. Kabuse means to cover or hang on.

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Best pattern indicator

1. The body of the first candle is white, the body of the second candle is black. The uptrend was evident for a good period. A long white candle between
the vanguard of the trend.┬áThe second day opens higher than yesterday’s trading.┬áThe black candle closes to more than half of the white candle.

audio enhancements The longer the white candle and the black candle, the more energetic the investment.
The greater the distance to the previous days, the greater the investment.
The lower the black candle in the white candle, the stronger the inversion.
The large volume during these two days trial is an important confirmation

Model psychology

After a strong uptrend, the atmosphere is bullish. Exuberance is established. They reduce the price. Bears start to appear and bring down the price. It finally closes at or near the bottom of the day. The closure has erased most recent gains. The cops are worried now. Obviously, they see that the uptrend could have stopped. This character forex indicators makes a good run, with a stop that represents the culmination of the day of the black candle. Note that the dark cloud layer below the opening of the previous day closes on a bearish dip pattern. The bearish engulfment model has slightly stronger bearish implications.