Credit To Salary Without Guarantor: Fast Loan For Zero Time

Many companies already offer to withdraw and make easy and fast credit to pay without a guarantor, and online, without getting off the computer.

Many people need urgent and quick loan money to earn until earning their salary. There are bills for electricity, water, heating, and so on. Fast online lenders provide a number of solutions, with no collateral, no guarantors or no guarantors. In no time. Let’s look at some of the companies that offer such credits.

1. Фератум 

  • Fast online credit to salary, no guarantors or other collateral.
  • Loan unlimited, size from 50 to 800 leva, repayment term up to 45 days.
  • Application conditions: Be a Bulgarian citizen who has reached the age of majority and is not older than 70 years old.
  • Your request is processed immediately, after approval, the money is up to you on the same day.
  • No proof of income is required.
  • You can apply even if you are unemployed, on maternity leave, retired, self-employed.
  • You send the JMC to confirm the loan and receive the loan funds in a convenient way – bank account or EasyPay.

2. Micro credit – CrediNet

2. Micro credit - CrediNet

  • Unsecured credit, no guarantors, guarantors or guarantees are required.
  • Completely online process: select the amount and duration of the loan, send a completed form, after approval sign the contract online and receive the money by bank transfer, at the office of the company or at Easypay.
  • An amount of BGN 200 to BGN 3,000, a repayment term of 3 to 12 months in equal installments – a fast loan in monthly installments .
  • In the whole country, the application is free of charge, you can opt out and not sign the contract, you can repay early – no fees.
  • Application conditions: aged 18 and a valid ID.
  • You will get an answer within minutes, if you select an additional service – viewing in minutes, the company is also working on a Saturday.
  • Each credit is interest-free if you use the money for up to 30 days, only for an administrative fee.
  • You may receive up-to-date information on the status of your loan.

3. Vivus

  • Fast online loans to pay without guarantors, you get the money in minutes.
  • Amount BGN 50 to 1,300, repayment term of 30 days.
  • Requirements for obtaining a loan without a guarantor: Bulgarian citizens older than 19 years, provide the necessary information in the application form and cover minimum credit requirements.
  • Approval for up to 15 minutes, working 7 days a week, holidays and holidays.
  • There are no hidden fees, no registration or money-making fees, conditions are clear, you always know the amount you owe.
  • Every first loan of up to 400 leva returned within 30 days is completely free, returning as much as you have taken.
  • You can extend the payback period by 7, 14 or 30 days, you can withdraw extra money, you can get credit even if you have such a loan from another company.

4. Free Loan

4. Free Loan

  • Money on a loan on the same day without any collateral – credit to pay without guarantor and no guarantor.
  • Mini loans up to BGN 700, repayment term up to 45 days.
  • No proof of income is required.
  • Only for Bulgarian citizens, regardless of the social situation – loans for unemployed , on maternity leave, pensioners, self-employed.
  • Apply online, your request is handled immediately, and after approval, you send the confirmation SMS, you immediately receive the money by bank transfer or Easy Way – at your choice.
  • There are no application fees.

5. Credit Ins

  • Credit without guarantors, only against ID card.
  • Between 200 and 1500, you return from 3 to 12 months.
  • Conditions for allocation: for persons over the age of 18 who have been insured for the last 12 months before applying, permanent monthly earnings and good credit history.
  • A slim online application procedure, approval of up to 20 minutes, electronic signing of the contract, you receive the money at EasyPay.
  • Choice of loan amount and period for repayment.
  • Preliminary and complete interest information, with no hidden fees and commissions.
  • You can refinance your loan amounts.

6. Credit group

6. Credit group

  • Fast loan to unpaid wage from 200 to 2 000 BGN, for a period of 3 to 18 months.
  • Conditions to be met: have an employment contract of more than 3 months and paid social security contributions, a good credit record and regularly serve your other obligations.
  • Acquisition of an hour, excluding fees and commissions.
  • 0% interest on every first credit up to 500 leva, returned within 21 days.
  • Repayment is through weekly or monthly installments.
  • A document is issued at your request for current or completed obligations.

7. Smile Credit

7. Smile Credit

  • Express online loans without guarantors, approval up to 20 minutes.
  • Loan from 50 to 500 BGN, repayment term from 90 to 360 days.
  • Conditions for retirement – 18 years of age, permanent income and paid insurances, monthly income higher than the amount of the loan and good credit history.
  • The application is free, you may only have one credit.
  • Every first loan of up to BGN 1,500 returned within 30 days is free of interest.

The quick loans granted by financial companies are small amounts of money that we use for a short time, until we receive our regular income. The main and only source of income for most people in our country is wages. It is the monthly remuneration for our labor, it is a monetary expression of the value of the workforce. We can withstand wages, satisfy our need for necessity – from products and clothing, we pay our utility bills, according to our needs, we give money for transport, education, treatment, culture, rest. It is difficult to cope with money, and sometimes we are pressing for urgent needs between two salaries, for which we have no money.

Then we draw credit, as we strive for it to be quick, granted the easiest procedure, with minimum documents and no guarantor. Finding a loan guarantor is difficult because of the many requirements that creditors bring to the guarantors: to work on an open-ended contract of at least 6 or 12 months back, to receive a certain amount of net remuneration, to have a clean credit file and a good credit history, they themselves have no loans, no guarantors on other loans and similar conditions to which they are responsible. Not everyone wants to become a guarantor because of the risk they incur if the borrower stops paying, he pays the debt until he pays it because he is on the same level as the debtor. The guarantor can sue the borrower to return the money, but this is only hypothetical, almost impossible in practice. Loan without guarantor, credit to pay without guarantor – this is easier to achieve, faster and more comfortable for all of us.

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