Loan markets on the move

In the Dikke van Dale borrowing is described as follows: temporarily relinquishing someone to use. So you can also see it with borrowing money; a sum of money is temporarily given to you to use. For borrowing money that does not mean that borrowing is free of charge. You probably know the meaning of borrowing money under every advertisement: Pay attention, borrowing money costs money. A warning, most people know that it is, but do not always realize what it means in their personal situation.

Rising interest rates

Borrow money to be able to buy that new car, to grow your house or to expand your wardrobe by buying on account at mail order companies. Many people do not talk about borrowing, there is a taboo on it. However, we are seeing some movements in the market again, interest rates seem to be rising. Do you want to profit now and let us calculate whether we can realize a saving on your loan or loan? Then contact our loan specialists!

Revolving loan

A revolving loan is a loan where you can withdraw or divide the agreed maximum amount in one go. So for example when you expect to need money, but do not know exactly how much. Or if you want to be able to cope with unforeseen expenses.

This loan form, in contrast to mortgage loan, falls into the consumer loan category. Just like a personal loan or purchase on installment. It is therefore intended for the purchase of consumer goods, such as a car, stuff for the baby room, study books or a new television.

Personal loan

With a personal loan you will receive the borrowed amount directly into your account. Every month you pay a fixed amount of repayment and interest to repay the loan. You can not withdraw money in the meantime. The interest on a personal loan is also higher than with a revolving loan, but the advantage is that you know exactly where you stand and also know when the loan has been repaid.

Reduce interest on current loan

Do you currently have a revolving loan or personal loan and do you also want the certainty of a lower interest rate and a shorter term? Consumind Finance can help you with this. We look at the possibilities for you and if we could realize a nice saving, we will arrange it for you.

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