Month: January 2019


Loan markets on the move

In the Dikke van Dale borrowing is described as follows: temporarily relinquishing someone to use. So you can also see it with borrowing money; a sum of money is temporarily given to you to use. For borrowing money that does not mean that borrowing is free of charge. You probably know the meaning of borrowing […]


Bad Credit without a Guarantor | Debt Consolidation

-Those looking for credit without a guarantor with a bad CCR and no employment contract know that bad credit history is a barrier, an obstacle, a serious obstacle, which makes it difficult for us to get credit from financial institutions. However, there are already options for withdrawing such a loan online, which will be presented […]



A car loan is an installment loan with which you can borrow up to 100,000 euros to finance the new or second-hand car of your dreams .   WHO IS INTENDED FOR A CAR FINANCING? Your loyal but old car is too expensive to maintain for longer . Your family needs a second or third […]